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    Idea Introduction:

    When people join our unofficial LG communities, they need to look for the pinned welcome letter or announcement about the Community Articles (Rules).
    Would it not be much nicer if they received a personal welcome letter?

    Idea Steps:

    • Create a database/ Google Sheet to keep records of your members
    • Write one or multiple template welcome letters (think about a letter in multiple languages if that is applicable in your community, or a different letter for people that are clearly not from your area, versus locals). Think about what you want to tell them. For example make new members aware of your Community Articles and ask them to introduce themselves in the “Introduce Yourself” Section.
    • When a new member joins your community send them your personalised Welcome letter.
    • Make it extra special by first looking into their Google profile, see the interests of that person that might be useful for your community. For example, when you notice on the Google+ profile some beautiful photos, then write in your welcome letter something like “I love your photos on your profile (or be more specific) and please make sure to share some of your photos featuring [name of your area] with our community.” Perhaps you see something about their job or hobbies on their profile that you can use to invite them to contribute with on your timeline.
    • If you find this too much work as a Moderator, discuss with the owner of your community to set up a Membership-Committee and delegate the task to them.
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