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    Idea Introduction

    In relation to the idea of a Newsdesk and to prevent having to go to the trouble of asking permission every-time you publish an article or photos from a local source, get a partnership agreement that gives you permission to publish their material.

    Idea Steps:

    1. Create a list of the sources that you would like to have a partnership with (think about your local tourist office, formal promotional organizations for your area, local newspaper, travel blogs, etc.) Find out who the right person is at the source, to talk with.
    2. Create your template Media Partnership Agreement (share it with the Academy, so they can add it to their resources for Community Partners (the participating LG communities)). It is important to get their permission in writing. Make it as easy as possible, instead of your partner having to write to you to give you permission, present them with the permission form that they only need to sign.
    3. Write a template invitation letter, explaining what you are after that you can send to the people on the partner wish list that you created above. Or even better, go to their office and ask for a meeting and ask in person.
    4. Once you get the agreement/ permission in writing, use their website and photos as you please following the guidelines (like giving credits for the photos and the source, with something like” Published with permission from NAME PARTNER)
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