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About Contributions

Read First

As a registered member of our Academy you are invited to contribute to our Local Guides Knowledge Bank.

All submitted contributions are moderated before they are published to our website to avoid spam and to ensure quality content.

Bookmark = 5 points
FAQ = 10 points
Focus = 5 points
Reason = 15 points
Tutorial = 25 points (no copies)
Category Card = 5 points
Case Study = 20 points (duplicate topics are not awarded)

By submitting your content, you agree to do so under Creative Commons Licence (CC BY-NC 4.0).  


Local Guides Connect is a great resource with lots of interesting and useful content. The problem however, is that it can be difficult to find those great must read posts on the topics that you are interested in.

We have therefore created our own Local Guides Library with bookmarks here.

If you came across a great post on Local Guides Connect that offered you valuable insights on a certain top, or is a school example that we can all learn from, please share the URL of the forum thread by using this form.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you are active on Local Guides Connect or on a Google Maps related product forum, you probably find that users ask the same questions, again and again.

Since most Local Guides are happy to help fellow members of our global community, we have created this online area with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), where we discuss and present our best answers that we as members of our Academy recommend you use as a template.

So next time you are being a good citizen at Local Guides Connect or act as an active, rising star Top Contributor, feel free to use our library of "Answers" to help others. If you have an answer to a FAQ that is not yet listed in our index, please contribute by using this form.

Not Applied Reasons

There are lots of reasons why you might get the infamous Not Applied response. Our Not Applied Reasons Inventory provides you with suggestions why your edits might not get through the verification process.

Improve your success rate and get a better understanding what it takes to get your edits approved. Contribute by sharing your insights and experiences by participating in the discussions related to the existing reasons in our inventory or contribute by submitting a new Not-Applied reason altogether by using the "Reasons" this form.


We are creating a collection of tutorials relevant to Local Guides. It doesn't matter if it is an official tutorial by a Googler or a tutorial created by a member of our global Local Guides community. Unless the tutorial promotes bad practice, it is a candidate to be listed in our Tutorial Directory.

This is the only part of our knowledge bank that we don't mind having duplicates. Teachers have different styles and bookshops are full of educational books with the same topic. Contribute and add new tutorials to our library by using the this form.

Focus Lists

With the release of the latest badges for Local Guides came the bonus points for longer reviews.

As the author of your own reviews, one tends to focus on different aspects and details. In case you are suffering from writers block, we have created some helpful Focus Lists give you ideas so you can elaborate your review.

Contribute to our Focus Lists by adding your tip questions that Local Guides could ask themselves when writing a certain type of review. Add those missing focus items by using the "focus" this form.

Category Cards

We are building database of Category Cards. Each card is like a comment label and has links to examples how the category is used on Maps in the context of the card.

We have card types that identify:

- Categories that are not mappable, aka black cards.
- Categories that are mappable, but under another (synonym) name, aka blue cards.
- Categories that Local Guides can add & edit, aka green cards.
- Categories that do exist, but are only available to Google, aka purple cards.
- Categories that are abused, to work around a non-existing category, aka red cards.
- Categories where we have yet to decide their colour, aka white cards.
- Categories where we are still discussion which colour it should have, aka grey cards.

To add a missing Category Card Index, please use this form.

Case Studies

Cases that are being discussed on Local Guides Connect can become long reads with all the social banter and repeated "quotations".

To save time, we have created a cabinet of Case Studies in which we share summaries of great school examples. At the Academy we like to learn and teach with examples, so please create summary case study posts of those educational examples by using this form.